Lesson 3:Real Success (Deepak Chopra)

どんな言葉でもそうですが、言葉についている概念、価値観は人それぞれです。今日取り上げたSuccess (成功)に関しても、何を成功と捉えるかは人それぞれです。

しかし、おおまかに言って私たちが今まで持っていた「成功」という言葉についているイメージは、何かを成し遂げること、金銭的に豊かになること、有名になること、人に認められること、人より優れた立場になること、欲しい物が買えるようになること、大きな家に住むこと、高級車に乗ること・・・などなど、ディーパックが言っているAchievement 達成感に基づくものではなかったでしょうか?










I don’t think success really ultimately is about achievement.

Success is about having fun along the journey.

You know, if you are enjoying what you do, if you are part of the eco system, if you provide a service that benefits people, and then success is a byproduct.

Words like sacrifice, discipline, hard work, exacting plans, goals, none of the words resonate for me.

For me it is about how do I fit in this web of life, what’s my unique talent, how do I express my unique talent.

In Eastern tradition, we call it the Law of Dharma, which says no spare parts of universe, every piece fits, it’s like a big jigsaw puzzle, we are part of the puzzle.


And if you would ask me how do I know what my part is.

I would say if I had all the time in the world and all the money in the world, what would I do?

How would I express myself?

And how would I use the expression of myself to serve the needs of the web of life which I am a part.

And when I do that, then I will end up having all the time and money in the world.

Start from what would I do if I had all the money and time in the world.

Do that, and you will have all the time and money in the world.


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